I just love the whole process of brewing Kombucha Tea. It still fascinates me that just 3 simple ingredients can be magically transformed into such a delicious, healthy brew.

When my mother SCOBY (or SCOBY-wan-Kenobi as I call her) first did her thing, slowly giving her refreshing, tasty goodness to the batch, it made total sense to me to make this my full-time mission, leaving behind a 34-year career as a neo-natal nurse. And so my Kombucha is still brewed in small batches at home in Poole, Dorset; Mr B is very understanding!

About Mrs B.

Following a health issue, I was introduced to Kombucha and gifted a SCOBY. I began brewing my own Kombucha Tea back home in 2014.

My Kombucha started gaining a bit of a cult following with my two daughters and their friends, and with some encouragement, I took some samples into my local health food shop. They loved it and asked about stocking the tasty brew on a more long-term basis.

brewed in dorset

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